Depression & Peer Support


• A ten letter word describing the state of feeling sad, useless, and hopeless on a regular basis •

Peer Support—

• An eleven letter phrase describing a bond maintained by shared experiences, empathy, and emotional encouragement  •

Everyone has been upset from time to time. A bad breakup, a degrading comment, and the failure to accomplish a goal can all trigger despair. We may cry, scream, and vent until we feel at ease again. We shake that sadness off and move on. There’s a distinct difference between these occasional sorrows and depression. Depression is a sadness that cannot be easily forgotten.

It’s an unbearable kind of pain, worse than any one may ever feel, because you’re unsure when you’ll be better. You get a sore throat, take some medicine and expect results in a few days. When you feel the affliction depression imposes, there are no throat drops or magic remedy on standby to alleviate the pain. It takes work. It takes time. It takes a hell of a lot of strength. And it takes way more than the right dosage of medication, or that elated feeling after a good therapy session to finally have the upper hand on this dark, life-altering disease.

Though reluctantly familiar with depression’s waves, I try to make the best of the uneasy ride. Some days life is full of meaning, and I turn to all of the positives to bring up my mood. Other days when I am struggling to find the point, I turn to my peers for support. There is comfort in confiding in those who suffer from similar experiences, those who truly understand. It builds a connection and a sense of belonging, helping you to feel a little less alone, and a lot more motivated to continue fighting your battle.

More than 300 million people worldwide are currently dealing with depression. It’s crucial to know that life does get better. The depression may sometimes seem like it has the upper hand, but you should never let it win. There are ways to overcome what you’re feeling inside. There are professionals trained to help you release that depressive energy. There are medications created to balance your mental state. And there are peers here to assure you that there are brighter days ahead. Having been there before and witnessing the light that follows the darkness, we can guarantee you have so much to live for.

Live to Fight Another Day. Never Alone, Always Together. The MHA Way.

Written By: Nicole J. D’Aloisio 

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